Our programs are designed to provide opportunities for “advanced” players to transition from the city’s recreational program into a professionally run soccer training academy.  Teams are organized by a team manager and a team administrator. All Ft Lauderdale Select coaches are professionally certified, and are committed to providing a safe and positive environment for the player’s physical and emotional development. Click on the tabs below to learn more about Fort Lauderdale FC


The Competition: Fort Lauderdale Select F.C. is affiliated with FYSA (Florida Youth Soccer Association) and with the competitive based leagues in the tri-county area including FLUGSA (Florida United Girls Soccer Association) and SFU (South Florida United Youth Soccer Association). Each team plays 10-12 games that run parallel to the recreational season. The club’s top players from each age group will also be entered in several local tournaments per year. The tournaments that our academy teams play are chosen for their proximity to the club. The majority of games and tournaments are within a 30 minute drive of Fort Lauderdale. We seek the best available competitive opportunities within reasonable travel distances for children of this age.


The Teams: The Boys Program serves boys ages 6-17 and includes U9 – U17 competitive teams plus a future stars program for 4-8 year old players.

The Girls Program serves girls ages 4-16 and includes U9 – U16, and U-8 competitive teams plus the future stars program for 4-8 year old players. 

Depending on the number of qualified children who try out we may have two or more teams in an age group. If there are two teams the players will be divided into a white team (more advanced players) and a blue team (the developmental team). Coaches will decide on which players play on each team, and not guaranteed a roster spot on any particular team.  It is common for coaches to shuffle players between the top team and their developmental team to give players experience at different levels of play.  It is also common to have advanced players occasionally play in an older age group (“play up”) based upon their skills and the needs of the team.  Because young players’ skills change so rapidly it is not uncommon for a player who starts with the developmental team to move up to the advanced team or vice versa.


Practices will be 2-4 times a week are held our team training facility, practice times will be finalized in July prior to the upcoming season. Before the regular season begins some teams may practice on Saturday’s up until the season starts and the Saturday practices are replaced by games.

All practices are help at our state-of-the-art facility at Mills Pond Park Soccer Complex with 3 state of the art LED lid turf fields. For practice times and days please click on the schedule tab. Before the regular league season begins most teams may practice on Saturday’s up until the season starts and the Saturday practices are replaced by games.


U9-U10 $1020, U11-U12 – $1110, U13-14 $1350, U15-16 –$1050 (EXCLUDING HIGH SCHOOL SEASON), U15-19 –$1470 (INCLUDING HIGH SCHOOL SEASON)

Registration fee of $275 – the fee is due at the time of registration and covers the player registration with US Youth Soccer, liability insurance and the uniform package for the season. The registration fee is non-refundable.

Fort Lauderdale FC is a non-profit organization, and uses the fees from parents to offset the operating costs of the club. This includes the costs for fields, coaching, referees, league play and the administrative operation. In addition, we employ professional paid coaches, each of whom is licensed and certified as soccer trainers. There are some types of costs associated with the program, which is spread out throughout the year to make the overall financial obligation more manageable.

Notes: U15 and up players might choose not to participate in club play during their high school season from November through January. 

Financial aid is available and is evaluated on a per case basis for families meeting  our eligibility requirements. Information are on our website 


Annual fees – FTLS offers its members a full payment or installment payment option for the annual dues – these charges are automatically collected from a credit card or checking account. Installment payments allow families to spread the overall expense over an extended period of time. The fees vary by age group and are outlined on the following page. Our soccer season runs parallel to the school year from August through to May and has to be planned accordingly. The player’s/parent’s commitment is for the entire season. Annual fees are only suspended or refunded if a player moves out of the area (more than 50 Miles) or due to a season ending injury. If a player decides to stop playing in the middle of the season, he/she will still be responsible for any balance of the annual fees.
Early Release from the Club – If a player requests to be released for any other
reason other than a relocation or a season ending injury an additional ‘Early Release
Fee” of $300 of administrative costs will due after the annual fees have been paid.

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