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Fort Lauderdale FC 2018-19 Season. 

Dear Players/Parents,

The 2018-19 Season is in full swing and our club has been off to a very good start. Several teams have already had successful Fall league competitions and tournaments with championships and runner up accomplishments. These are the results of the work our players together with their coaches putting in every week.

The 2018-19 Season also marks the first season for all of the club’s home games to be played at the brand new Mills Pond Park Soccer Complex. The fields have been very well received not just by our own players and coaches but also by visiting teams. The club also already hosted 2 ver successful Olympic Development Training Centers.

As we strive to continue to improve the quality of our training and game experiences, here are a few things that everybody can and needs to help with:


  • Help us keep our fields clean. It includes cleaning up your own garbage (water bottles, cups, tape etc) but also others if needed. Each of our teams hosting a game at our fields, is responsible for the home and away team area.
  • While the combination of open garbage bins and wildlife from the adjacent protected wetland area is not ideal, you can help us by making sure none of the garbage is next to the bins or spread out over the fields.
  • Be on time for your practices and train with a purpose and intensity that resembles the game.
  • Set goals for your own development. These should not be general goals (play in high school, play in college etc) but rather SMART goals that are: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time Bound. Examples can be:
    – number of juggles, right foot, left foot, right/left/head combination
    – percentage of completed passes per game or training
    – goals or assists over a certain period of time
    – saves, successful distribution by the gk
    – 1 on 1 attempts with a move
    – speed and agility improvement (20 yard dash, beep test)
    Some of these goals require help. Ask your parents to help you keep track of your completed vs incomplete passes for some games or the number of 1v1 situations you have and the outcome. Share with your coaches and discuss ways for you to improve individually and reach your goals.


  • Our coaches enjoy working with our players and getting the maximum out of their practices. Please make sure that all of our players are at the fields on time and ready to play (consider instead of “go have fun” a “go and be the best that you can be today” as they are heading to the field.
    If you are dropping off and picking up at practice just let your kid know to inform the coach. Be on time when you pick up!
  • You are welcome to watch practices, but please do so from off the field. We are constantly reminded by the City’s maintenance staff that chairs, tents etc are not to be set up on the fields. While well intended, in many cases the parents’ presence in close proximity does not help with the focus and concentration players need to achieve the maximum in practices.
  • Support but don’t coach during games. The development of players is proven to be a lot more effective if the roles of the people involved are clearly defined. During games, players play the game, coaches coach the players and parents are spectators that support and cheer for the team. Even the sideline-coaching with the best intentions has negative effects (the freedom of making decisions is taken away from the kids, they are afraid to make mistakes, players are confused by conflicting messages from both sides of the field, other players are affected etc)
    It’s the kids games – let them play it. Support by helping them by setting, measuring and achieving their goals. Keep track of certain stats of your child and maybe even others (passes played – completed, corners, free kicks, shots on goal, assists etc) 
  • Help your team managers and coaches with prompt replies when asked. If you are interested in getting involved more please reach out to the club and/or your coach/team manager. Some of the areas every team is usually looking for additional help are:
    – team manager for communication – helps with the communication between the coach/club and the team
    – team manager for game management – helps with the administrative league and game day logistics of rosters, player cards, field set up and other requirements
    – team manager for tournaments – helps with the logistics of tournament play such as collecting availability and necessary information and documents, check in and compliance with all requirements
    – team manager for fundraising – helps with fundraising efforts of the team

We are proud to say that our club has been one of the few with very little disciplinary incidents on and off the field. This is a great compliment to all of our parents and coaches and the positive influence you all have in our players. Let’s keep it that way and continue to be an example on how positive support and competitive spirit can go hand in hand.

We also have sponsorship opportunities available that will go to 100% towards the designated team or support the clubs scholarship program which helps kids to live their dreams who otherwise wouldn’t be able to do so. You can find more information on our website or click here.

Thank you for your continued commitment and support.


Olaf Henke
Club Director

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