Our programs are designed to provide opportunities for “advanced” players to transition from the city’s recreational program into a professionally run soccer training academy.  Teams are organized by a team manager and a team administrator. All Ft Lauderdale Select coaches are professionally certified, and are committed to providing a safe and positive environment for the player’s physical and emotional development. Click on the tabs below to learn more about Fort Lauderdale FC


The Teams:
The Boys Program serves boys ages 4-18 and includes U9 – U19 competitive teams plus a future stars program for 4-8 year old players.

The Girls Program serves girls ages 4-18 and includes U9 – U19 competitive teams plus a future stars program for 4-8 year old players. 

Depending on the number of qualified children who try out we may have two or more teams in an age group. If there are two teams the players will be divided into a white team (more advanced players) and a blue team (the developmental team). Coaches will decide on which players play on each team, and not guaranteed a roster spot on any particular team.  It is common for coaches to shuffle players between the top team and their developmental team to give players experience at different levels of play.  It is also common to have advanced players occasionally play in an older age group (“play up”) based upon their skills and the needs of the team.  Because young players’ skills change so rapidly it is not uncommon for a player who starts with the developmental team to move up to the advanced team or vice versa.


ACADEMY 8-12yrs

ELITE 12-19yrs


The Competition: Fort Lauderdale Select F.C. is affiliated with FYSA (Florida Youth Soccer Association) and with the competitive based leagues in the tri-county area including FLUGSA (Florida United Girls Soccer Association) and SFU (South Florida United Youth Soccer Association). Each team plays 10-12 games that run parallel to the recreational season.

The club’s top players from each age group will also be entered in several local tournaments per year. The tournaments that our academy teams play are chosen for their proximity to the club. The majority of games and tournaments are within a 30 minute drive of Fort Lauderdale. We seek the best available competitive opportunities within reasonable travel distances for children of this age.


Practices will be 2-4 times a week are held our team training facility, practice times will be finalized in July prior to the upcoming season. Before the regular season begins some teams may practice on Saturday’s up until the season starts and the Saturday practices are replaced by games.

All practices are help at our state-of-the-art facility at Mills Pond Park Soccer Complex with 3 state of the art LED lid turf fields. For practice times and days please click on the schedule tab. Before the regular league season begins most teams may practice on Saturday’s up until the season starts and the Saturday practices are replaced by games.


Fort Lauderdale FC is a non-profit organization, and uses the fees from parents to offset the operating costs of the club. This includes the costs for fields, coaching, referees, league play and the administrative operation. In addition, we employ professional paid coaches, each of whom is licensed and certified as soccer trainers. There are some types of costs associated with the program, which is spread out throughout the year to make the overall financial obligation more manageable.

Notes: U15 and up players might choose not to participate in club play during their high school season from November through January.

Registration Fee of $295 ($245 Early Bird for registrations until Tuesday July 7th)– the fee is due at the time of registration and covers the player registration with US Youth Soccer, liability insurance and the uniform package (including backpack) for the season. The registration fee is non-refundable.

Annual Fees – FTLS offers its members a full payment or installment payment option for the annual dues – these charges are automatically collected from a credit card or checking account. Installment payments allow families to spread the overall expense over an extended period of time. The fees vary by age group and are outlined at the bottom of the page.

Tournament Fees – Players who are chosen and have agreed to participate in a tournament are subject to an additional tournament fee. These fees vary but are typically between $30 – $60 per player for a local tournament and $80+ for an out of town or out of state tournament. For out of town tournaments the cost for the coaches accommodation and transportation plus a set per diem rate will be distributed amongst all players who are chosen and have agreed to participate in the event.

Note: Our soccer season runs parallel to the school year from August through to May and has to be planned accordingly. The player’s/parent’s commitment is for the entire season. Annual fees are only suspended or refunded if a player moves out of the area (more than 50 Miles) or due to a season ending injury (the player is no longer able to continue play in the 2020/21 Season due to a medical evaluation). If a player decides to stop playing and no longer wishes to participate in any practices, games and/or tournaments at any given time during the season, the parent/guardian will still be responsible for any remaining balance of the Annual Fees and/or Tournament Fees.

Early Release from the Club – If a player requests to be released to another club, the remaining balance of the Annual Fee must be paid in full. Additionally, a separate ‘Early Release Fee” of $300 to cover administrative costs becomes due.

Late Fees – If a player chooses the installment plan, the parent/guardian is responsible for maintaining a valid form of payment in their gotsoccer (club’s registration system) player account. Installments are due at the 1st of every month. If the installment has not been paid by the 5th of the month, a late fee of $25 will be applied for each month not paid.

Financial aid is available through the Fort Lauderdale Select FC Scholarship Fund. Evaluations are on a per case basis for families meeting the eligibility requirements. This is need based, and every application is reviewed the Board of Directors. You can find further information including the application under the Scholarship section or inquire with the club directly by email.



Q: Do all players make the team?
A: No Players are chosen based on the number of available roster spots and whether the coaches believe that the competitive league is the appropriate level for the player. On the younger teams every effort is made to find roster spots for players, however, there are cases where roster spots are available, but coaches do not believe that a player’s skill set is appropriate for the competitive leagues. Creating the best environment for the player is the priority, and if we do not feel that a child would be able to compete at the competitive level, for the child’s benefit, we’ll recommend recreational league play.

Q:Are there opportunities for players to tryout after the club’s official tryouts?
A:Yes based on roster availability. Once rosters are filled players who are interested in the program might be invited to practice with the club on a non-roster status on hopes of making a team the following season.

Q: Are parents required to attend team practices?
A: No. Parents do not need to attend practice and are welcome to leave the child at practice providing they are back for pick them up no later than fifteen minutes before the end of practice. It is required that the coach has a phone number where the parent can be reached in case of emergency. Parents deciding to stay watch practice are encouraged to do so at a distance. Parents are not allowed to disturb or interrupt practice, nor are they allowed to give directions to players. Please understand that training sessions are learning situations and players need to concentrate and listen to their coach to improve. We will more fully discuss this at the parent team meeting.

Q: How much travel is involved?
A: At the younger ages as little as possible. No player ever improved by riding in a car. The majority of the away competitive league games and tournaments are within 60 minutes of Fort Lauderdale. As the teams approach the high school level (U13-U14), they will begin to travel more in an effort to play in tournaments where top talent would be recognized. For the oldest age
groups (U15 and above), the travel can be more extensive depending on the competition which might include State wide and National events.

    Q: How does a player make the team?

A: All players must compete for roster positions. Having played for Fort Lauderdale FC in previous years does not guarantee a spot on the team. Roster decisions are made solely by the coaches based on the player’s level of play, on and off the field commitment and behavior as well as practice attendance.

Q: What do the coaches look for in players?
A: While tryouts vary from team to team, all coaches look for players who have the potential of becoming high-level, competitive players. Throughout the tryout, coaches assess several player qualities, including but not limited to:

Technical skill.
Tactical awareness.
Physical abilities.
Psychological dimension.
On and off the field attitude

Q: Is there a minimum or maximum amount of minutes your child will play each game?
A: No. Your coach will determine playing time depending on several factors, including but not limited to their technical and tactical ability, their physical condition, game performance, practice performance, attitude, game tactics, and strategy. A player’s development takes place over the course of many months of training and games –not in any one particular game. Coaches are instructed to manage the playing time of each player over the course of an entire season of games. Every effort will be made to balance the good of an individual player verses the good of the entire team. In the 5-8-year-old developmental age groups the goal of every coach is to have each player play an average of one half of each game. Your coach should not be confronted over player personnel matters relating to playing time or other team issues. Such communication should be between the coach and player. This area will be more fully discussed in your initial group parent meeting.

Q: Does the coach have any help during tryouts?
A: Coaches are required to use multiple evaluators at the tryouts. Generally, other coaches in the program assist the team’s coach during tryouts.

Q: What happens after the last tryout?
A: At the conclusion of the tryouts all coaches and trainers involved in the tryout process will meet to discuss the roster choices and then the teams are given a final approval by the Club Director.

Q: How long before we know what the outcome is?
A: Usually 7 – 10 days after the last tryout, all players will receive emails with the tryout results.

Q: What if a player does not get selected?
A: If a player is not selected due to an unavailability of roster spots, a player may be offered the opportunity for a non-game roster position on the team. This would give the player an opportunity to practice with the competitive team and accelerate their skill development. This might allow a player who had a great enthusiasm for the game to get professional training and potentially earn a roster spot at a later date. Non selection in no way suggests that they are not quality players, or that they should give up their hopes of playing competitive soccer. It simply means that the coach feels there were other players better suited for this team’s level of play.
Q: What if a player is selected?
A: If a player has been selected, they will be contacted by e-mail within 7 – 10 days after tryouts and given 72 hours to register and accept their roster spot. If players are not registered within 72 hours, the roster spot will be offered to another player.

Q: Are tryouts open to all boys & girls?
A: Yes, tryouts for each team are open to all boys & girls of the correct age. Tryouts are only held for the competitive age groups (rising U9 and above).

Q: Will there be opportunities to play in the summer?
A: All club members are frequently updated on camps, summer training sessions and other opportunities for off season training.

Q: How many teams are selected in each age group?
A: Depending on the number of players trying out, usually one – three teams are selected in each age group. A level (Blue) teams and B level (White & Red) teams. In some age groups there may be minimal differences between the two levels. In certain instances, White teams may even play in A leagues or tournaments also.

Q: Are tryouts the only forum where Fort Lauderdale FC staff determines which players are play on which Fort Lauderdale FC teams?
A: No, the evaluation process continues over the course of the season. Players are in essence trying out for Fort Lauderdale FC teams every time they take the field. Tryouts are merely an additional opportunity to show our staff how much a player has progressed throughout the year, as well as give them an opportunity to evaluate new players together with other players.

Q: How are the teams grouped?
A: The numeric designation with each team indicates year of birth not school graduation.

Q:Can a player play up in an age group?
A: It is the intent of the Fort Lauderdale FC Technical Staff to define the process of the “playing up” guideline to avoid any misinterpretation of its intent:

Determining Factors for Play ups: The individual player must be identified as one of the exceptional players in the birth year by the technical staff and the age group coach. It will be deemed at this time that the indicated player will have secured a place with the team in his/her birth year. Next, the identified player will be invited to the older age group tryout, where he/she MUST demonstrate that they are in the top third (one of the best five players) on that team. Based on this assessment by the technical staff and input from the older age group coach, a determination will be made on the individual playing up a birth year. The coaches also look at the physical readiness and emotional disposition of players when evaluating decisions to move a player to an older age group. Players are rarely moved full time to an older age group, but rather are given occasional opportunities to play in games with the older players to challenge them and augment their development.

Team and Club Considerations: We want to be sure that in this process, we create a fair opportunity for everyone involved. A major concern is that we place a player in an environment in which they are challenged, have an impact on players with whom they are playing and are having the success necessary to enhance their development. A club and team consideration is the displacement of players whose roster spot will be filled by a younger player. Here lies the reason that the technical staff must be certain a younger player will have the impact necessary to justify displacement of an individual who is birth year eligible for a team.

Q: Are there opportunities for Fort Lauderdale FC players outside the club?
A: The Club provides and promotes multiple opportunities for the most talented and most committed players to showcase themselves at the highest level and in front of professional and college level coaches such as the Olympic Development Program (ODP), Youth National Team Training Center (NTC’s) and College ID clinics.

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